I'm making a game!

I'm developing my own game, "Reality Rearranged", as a hobby project for fun. My goal is to make an old-school platformer with a style and story that is based in my art.

If you have a Windows PC, you can download and test the game for yourself. Since I only just started making the game there is no soundtrack, only four levels and surely a lot of bugs and rough edges - but I thought it would be fun to let others see what I've done so far.

I'm a programmer by trade, but I'm certanly not a game developer, so there is a lot for me to learn and explore. When I was a kid I had an 8-bit NES console, and later the 16-bit Super NES. On those consoles I played a lot of platform games, and it's them I'm trying to recreate now with my own artstyle and story.

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