Journey (Current Work 2015- )

This is my current series of pictures. I will add new work to this album continuously.

About the collection - Artist Statement

For me creating has, in its core, always been driven by emotion rather than intellect. Creating - Be it a Lego house together with my daughter, dinner, a web site or a piece of art,  is one of the things in life that really gives me a sense of purpose. With "Journey" I'm starting over with a new workflow where I  put my love of creating in the center, without choking it with rules, expectations or judgment.  I work much more fluid and chaotic, making up the pictures and stories as I go along. I find great joy in this way of working and it also allows me to end up with unexpected results; places that I might not have reached if I planned ahead or thought to much about it.

The work is still very much personal, like a visual diary. I still use my own journey, my own inner life, thoughts and feelings for the stories I tell. This series will also be a journey on its own; I have no idea where I will end up and how it will turn out. For the first time in a long while I'm letting go of the steering wheel to head out on an unknown path, just enjoying creating without restrictions.

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