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New work: United

Written by: Tommy Ingberg, Date: 2017-01-26

This one I call "United", and you can view it larger in the gallery.
I usually work deliberately slow with my art, letting each idea and piece take time to evolve and mature, but sometimes the opposite happens; that I find something I feel I need to get off my chest right away. I got the idea for this one in the shower Friday morning and by lunchtime it was finished, in a single four hour, caffeine fueled, session. Over the weekend, I spent another eight hours refining it and getting it ready for print, but the essence of the picture was created in those four hours.

I would maybe not recommend this approach to creating since it’s very straining, but I do think that sometimes feelings and chance can get you to places that planning and thinking can’t.

This print will be available in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered prints. It will also be available as licensed reproductions (poster and canvas prints) through retailers world-wide.

Category: News, Tags:#surreal #photo montage #montage #surrealism

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